About Us

Our company “Giannopouloi Bros S.A.” was founded in 1926. Three generations later, we continue expanding our operations in retail and wholesale clothing business.

Our company is occupied with the production and supply of buttons,knitting wools, fashion items, sewing equipment and relevant novelties to more than 600 shops in Greece and the Balkan Peninsula. Recently, our retail store in Thessaloniki positioned in 9 Ermou Street, was renovated. Since 2010, we have expanded our operations in two more locations in Toumpa and Kalamaria. Our store in Toumpa is located in 139 Gr. Lampraki street and contains a renewed stock of ribbons, embroidery and knitting wools. Furthermore, we are proud to introduce our newest store in Kalamaria located in 59 I. Passalidi street providing service to all our customers nearby. Our goal is to gradually evolve and bring our retail business to new locations throughout Greece.

Giannopouloi Bros’ expertise is in fashion buttons and is a vital partner of the greatest related worldwide businesses. Thus, we succeed providing the highest quality of luxury buttons, strass, shell buttons, enamel, polyester, wood and corozzo. Lately, we have introduced in our catalog new products including knitting wools and threads. Our utmost priority is to service the needs of our business partners that are occupied mainly in the fashion industry of Greece and abroad. Our readiness to serve our partners despite any predicaments that may come about, has established Giannopouloi Bros S.A. as one of the most reliable clothing accessories enterprise in over 9 decades.

Thomas Giannopoulos is the chief executive of the company and along with our personnel have prioritized serving our business partners and retail customers with the utmost respect and professionalism.

Our central retail store in 9 Ermou street Thessaloniki

Our Kalamaria branch in 59 I. Passalidi

Our Toumpa branch in 139 Gr. Lampraki